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Click here for Reflective Vinyl-Off Remover
Click here for Wrap Wash and Wrap Polish

Vinyl-Off Liquid Vinyl & Adhesive Remover

Would you like to strip vinyl and adhesive safely and easily from almost any surface in 5 to 15 minutes?  The revolutionary new wipe-on liquid vinyl remover, Vinyl-Off, has no smell!  It's biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable, and water-soluble - almost as safe as bath soap!  This product is environmentally friendly and completely safe.  It won't damage paint on factory automotive finishes or most other painted surfaces.  (As always, test an inconspicuous spot first.Just wipe on and peel off!  The adhesive comes off, too!  It takes all the struggle out of removing vinyl graphics. 


"Yes!  It really does work!"
T.R. (780) 497-****


Pulling off 4+ year-old vinyl and adhesive without heat!

What was once a nasty job is almost fun when you use Vinyl-Off.  Removing the old stuff can be a labourious, time-consuming chore when scraping dry, and you have to be so careful not to damage the paint, particularly on automotive surfaces.  In the past, once you had the vinyl off, you still had to remove the adhesive.  With Vinyl-Off, you simply spray it or wipe it on (if you spray, you might want to give a quick wipe to distribute evenly), and wait a few minutes.  The Vinyl-Off penetrates the vinyl to deactivate the adhesive, so it all comes off in one step!  Within 5 to 15 minutes you can pull off most graphics - no scraping! For those tough, old jobs, just leave it on longer.  It even works after being left overnight.  Adding heat, especially in cool conditions may speed up the process.

If necessary, after removing vinyl, dampen a cloth with Vinyl-Off 10-4 to remove any traces of adhesive.  (Remember to mask to prevent overspray, or spray onto a cloth and apply carefully, especially when using on automobiles - chrome stripping is also held on with adhesive.  Also, might discolor door handles or any plastic trim.)

Wouldn't it be great to multiply your profits significantly when replacing old vinyl graphics?  Vinyl-Off 10-4 is a productivity enhancing product.  What does this mean for you?  It means you'll get the job done faster - you can do twice the work in less than half the time.  Add some heat to make it go even faster!  It's possible to take up to 90% less time than ever before!  So you can save up to 90% on your labour costs!

What's more - it doesn't take a lot to do a big job.  Strip up to 200 square feet with only 8 fluid ounces!  A gallon lets you remove up to 3200 square feet!  You'll be laughing all the way to the bank when you use Vinyl-Off  Liquid Vinyl & Adhesive Remover (Not intended for use on polyester, mylar, or reflective.)

It's so easy. Click here to order from SignEquip now.  Usually ships within 48 hours.  Or if you have a really tough vinyl removal job - even if you need to strip almost-impossible-to-remove mylar (polyester) reflectives, click here to check out Brand New Reflective Vinyl-Off.

Watch it in action! Click the start button below to see the video!!

Check Utube for Vinyl Off Video
Click here to order

Testimonials compliments of Westend Products:

We bought our truck used, and it had some vinyl graphics that we did not care for. I had tried several sticker removal products with no success, but Vinyl-Off looked too good to be true. I tried it today and it worked great. In about 20 minutes I had the six foot long graphic off with no adhesive left behind.

Quote from thread at Heartland Owners Forum

Wow! - Used Vinyl-Off to remove graphics and text that had been on a van for 10+ years.  We removed our phone number nine years ago to replace it, and still remember what a chore it was.  Used Vinyl-Off to remove everything to sell the van, and it was magic.  We followed the directions, and can't believe how well and how easily your product worked. I'm impressed!

North Jersey Copy & Techni-Graphics

...I wanted to let you know what a great product the “Vinyl Off” is. I am currently working on a project that has several problem areas, first the weather is cold, second most of the vinyl is older than 5 years, and third the different substrates. As most know old and cold make for hard removals. Well the Vinyl Off made a huge difference!  With just a little heat to warm up the substrate, the vinyl came right off. I will never hesitate to bid another removal job knowing this product is available!...  Even the adhesive comes off with the vinyl and not left on the vehicle!  This is a huge cost savings compared to a secondary clean-up of the adhesive which is the result of so many other products on the market...

Al Letson
Graphic F/X

Removing vinyl from cement mixer trucks:

My first truck took my crew of three (including myself) about 6 hours (18 man-hours) to complete.  When this happened I began to look for tools or chemicals that would speed this process up... (After previous attempts with 2 other products) I found 10-4 Vinyl Off.  A (8 0z.) bottle would do 4 trucks and knocked the strip time down to about 1- 1.5 hours per truck. This stuff worked great.  Spray it on.  Wait about 15 minutes.  Then heat it up, and presto, just like a big rubber band, these things come off with very little adhesive to clean off!!!!!   I can't say enough good things about (Vinyl-Off 10-4)!!!...

Thank You
Bud Earp
Shearp Graphics


8 Fl. Ounce Spray Bottle - Your Price:
(Save time and money for the price of pocket change!)

$22.97 CAD

$19.97 USD

Removes 60 - 200 sf!  What have you got to lose?  Buy one and try it!

1 Gallon (128 Fl. Oz.) - Your Price:
(Buy a gallon and save!)

$169 CAD

$147 USD

Removes 1500 to 3200 sf!

5 Gallons (640 Fl. Oz.) - Your Price:
(Save even more!)

$667 CAD

$577 USD

Goes a long, long way!  Costs $1.042/Fl. Oz! Remove up to 200 sf for less than $10!

Reflective Vinyl-Off Film & Adhesive Remover

Would you like to strip hard to remove vinyl and reflective plus adhesive safely and easily from almost any surface in after only 1 minute?  Now you can!  For those really tough to remove jobs we now have a Brand New, green, productivity/profit enhancing product from the makers of the best-selling Vinyl-Off.  Reflective Vinyl-Off is agressive, amazing, and affordable!  It quickly and easily removes reflective and other specialty signage, even polyesters, mylars, and metalized vinyls.  It's so easy, all you have to do is test for surface compatibility (ALWAYS TEST, TEST, TEST), apply generously, wait at least one minute, and pull or use a plastic scraper!  No heat required (except in excessive cold conditions).  It removes the graphics layer, as well as the adhesive.  Reflective Vinyl-Off also removes epoxy and crazy glue! 

NOTE: We have personally tested this product on Engineered Grade Reflective, and have discovered that it works remarkably well.  A few things we've noticed when using on this type of film: Apply Reflective Vinyl-Off generously.  It can be sprayed on and then rubbed in with a rag.  If one application doesn't seem to work, after a reasonable amount of time, simply apply another coat.  15 minutes is probably a reasonable amount of time for a relatively new graphic application.  Since Engineered Grade Reflective is not a vinyl product, we were not able to get the film to pull off, but found the film and the adhesive removed nicely with a plastic scraper. 

We also tried the product on a 10-year-old Engineered Grade Reflective application, and found it needed at least an hour to soak through the film and begin to deactivate the adhesive.  Leaving it even longer finally released the adhesive completely.  The important thing is that eventually it did work!  With a bit of patience you should be able to remove almost anything in less time than a heat gun, with next to no elbow grease!  We expect Reflective Vinyl-Off will become just as popular as Vinyl-Off.

Caution: Reflective Vinyl-Off is particularly aggressive, so always test before using.  We noticed that some plastics are sensitive, and will soften when exposed.  On the other hand, we got it all over a plastic table top, and it didn't harm it at all.  Reflective Vinyl-Off is water soluble, so water may be used to neutralize it if necessary.   When we applied water to the softened plastic, it eventually hardened with a minimum amount of damage. 

This product is non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and very low in VOC's.

It can't get any better!  If you're ready to make your removal jobs (and your life) easier, order Reflective Vinyl-Off from SignEquip now.  Usually ships within 48 hours.

Reflective Vinyl-Off

8 Fl. Ounce Spray Bottle - Your Price:

$22.97 CAD

$19.97 USD

1 Gallon (128 Fl. Oz.) - Your Price:

$169 CAD

$147 USD

5 Gallons (640 Fl. Oz.) - Your Price:

$667 CAD

$577 USD

From the same green company that brings you Vinyl-Off and Reflective Vinyl-Off -
Check out CrystalTek 202 Wrap Polish - Use on all vehicle graphics...and more!



Revitalizes and protects graphic wraps

Removes oxidation and lays down
 a thin, clear coat

Protects against damaging sun rays,
saltwater, road film, and more

Quick and easy application

Protects new wraps. Restores original luster to time-dulled finishes, removes light scratches, repairs minor clear coat damage, blocks close to 100% of UV Rays. WRAP POLISH does not contain wax. It is a high-tech blend of polymers, which gently removes oxidation and pollution. Protects against the harshest of elements including sun, saltwater, road film. Will not chip, crack or turn yellow.

Simply wipe-on/wipe-off. May even be applied in direct sunlight. Also Safe for use on clear coats, gel coats, acrylics, plastic paints, epoxies, urethanes, etc.

Use on windshields and headlights too, to reduce scratches and crazing! 

8 Fl. Oz. Bottle
Your Price:
$45.97 CAD           $39.97 USD
Click here to order



Don't hesitate!  Vinyl-Off 10-4 Liquid Vinyl and Adhesive Remover is an environmentally-friendly product that saves you tons of money.  It's so safe you could bathe in it, but why waste it for that?  Purchase this amazing product now to make your life easier, and increase your business.

(Life isn't flawless, and neither are stripping products.  Remember, always TEST, TEST, TEST a small, inconspicuous area before applying to the entire surface.)

Wrap Polish will keep your vehicle wraps and all vinyl graphics looking amazing for a long, long time.  Make sure your clients get a bottle when they leave with their vinyl signage products.  Keep some in stock.  When they run out, they'll be back for more!

Need more info? 
SignEquip is as close as your email or telephone. We love to help you.  Our heart is with your business. For one-step service we'll answer your questions, and you can place your order over the phone.

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