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MBX Vinyl Zapper

Now stripping vinyl graphics is safe and easy.... Prevent injury to personnel and property!  Save time!  Save money!  Increase your profit margin with the MBX VINYL ZAPPER.
  Remove reflective with incredible ease!   Even removes multiple layers in ONE SINGLE STEP!
   NO Heat

   NO Smearing

   NO Vibration

   NO Jumping

Would you like to save hundreds of dollars and hours of time removing vinyl graphics?  The MBX Vinyl Zapper vinyl stripper removes vinyl, decals, and D.O.T. tape from metal, OEM paint finishes, plate glass, aluminum, and fiberglass with NO PAINT DAMAGE (on factory finishes and properly cured repaints - test before using).  That's right. The new wheel design is air cushioned to prevent jumping and vibration, while the notches vent and cool the surface.

Add a wire brush to clean and prep silkscreens with ease. One tool does it all! (Uses 110 volts AC.) It's so easy! Place your order with SignEquip now.

MBX Vinyl Zapper
Your Price:
Call for Pricing
780-439-3344 or (1-877-900-3344 toll free)

Usually ships within 48 hours.

Don't get caught unprepared. Stock up on extra erasers for your MBX Vinyl Zapper.

MBX Vinyl Zapper Eraser
Your Price:

  $79.97 CAD


Call for pricing on quantity orders. 

Contact us for pricing on the MBX Vinyl Zapper multi-purpose wire brush. We'll be happy to add one to your order.

Is there a learning curve?  As with any new tool, we recommend you practice on a test surface.  This stripper is light-weight, extremely easy to use, and requires only a light touch.  Like anything else it can be misused if the operator isn't accomplished.  However, the learning curve is minimal, and anyone can learn to use the MBX Vinyl Zapper relatively quickly with competence and ease.

As far as problems go, we recommend you always test a spot first.  While we've never encountered any actual paint damage by any of our client operators,  there has been one reported incident on white painted fiberglass.  In this case the eraser left a yellowish streak on the surface in a couple of places only. This makes a case for testing carefully on white paint.  I'd like to emphasize this is only one incident, and the paint job in question is obviously a factor.  We've not had any negative reports to date regarding any other colour or surface, and in the ensuing communication with our supplier, they maintain this eraser has been used successfully in thousands of cases on white paint.

Once again, the message as always with any procedure on any equipment is TEST, TEST, TEST.

Would you appreciate an opinion from another reliable source?  We do have lots of clients using the Vinyl Zapper, and we'll be happy to put you in touch with any of these operators.

While you're at it, you might like to take a few moments to read the following article to learn more about what the MBX Vinyl Zapper can do for you:


Would you like to make up to 10 times the profits removing and replacing difficult to remove reflective or vinyl graphics on vehicles or other painted surfaces?  Does this sound like a challenge too daunting to consider?  Someone has said, 'an obstacle is often an unrecognized opportunity'.  In order to remain positive, and even profit from your challenges, you need to see opportunities in all of your obstacles.  Have you previously let your past experiences prevent you from moving ahead?  It's never too late to change the way you think.

Consider replacing vinyl signs and graphics on vehicles, for instance. Do you shy away from these jobs?  Has past experience shown you it's not profitable to tackle these projects?  Have you ever lost money taking on this task?  Maybe you've covered yourself well on the labour charges, only to lose the customer due to the high price quote?  Or do you simply wish to avoid the time-consuming struggle involved, because you can't stand even thinking about it?

There is a big demand out there for replacing vehicle signage.  Someone needs to do it, and if you're not willing to get involved, you could be missing out on your piece of the pie.  If you knew an easy and lucrative way to accomplish this job, would you be interested in giving it a try?  It would be an opportunity to for you to get clients you wouldn't otherwise attract.

Manually stripping vinyl graphics from painted surfaces, without damage, is extremely time consuming and tiring.  There's always the likelihood of causing a costly disaster.  But there is a faster, easier alternative.  Power vinyl stripping machines, with rubber 'eraser' wheels make the job almost fun.  A good quality machine with a properly designed eraser, does it quickly and easily, without damaging the finish.  It will even remove 90% of the adhesive - the worst job of all!  Using one of these machines removes all of the frustration, and allows you to pocket a handsome profit, without overcharging.  Don't let the price tag scare you away.  A power stripper takes a fraction of the time, compared to doing it by hand, which means it's possible for one of these amazing tools to pay for itself on a single job order!  It's been proven that using a power vinyl stripper can remove regular vinyl graphics twice as fast as manual labour!  Old, sun-baked installations and reflectives can come off 10 times faster! These light-weight tools are so easy to use; this means with only a little practice, you can realize these results, too.

In fact, don't stop there.  Add a wire brush wheel to your stripper to remove rust and thick paint from any metal surface, or to clean and prep silk screen frames.  You only have to look around to discover many other uses for a power stripping machine.  This is one tool that keeps on giving - something every sign business should have.  You can sit around and think about it, or you can take advantage of the market that's there for you to tap into.  All you have to do is invest in a power vinyl stripper.  Go ahead...

There you have it.  No need to struggle any longer!  You can remove vinyl graphics quickly and easily. It's your choice. Contact SignEquip to purchase this amazing vinyl remover now.  Need more info?  Email, fax, or call us.  Our heart is with your business.  For one-step shopping we'll answer your questions, and you can place your order over the phone.

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