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Client Comments
"It was thirty years ago that we purchased a small commercial sign & decal manufacturing business from a good friend of ours.  One of my tasks on the very first day on the job was to phone in an order for supplies to Corbin Graphics (now SignEquip).  It must have been very obvious to George and Blair that I knew very little about the industry because they both went the extra mile to help me in every way with product knowledge and screen printing tips & tricks to get me up & running.


The Industry has undergone immense changes since that day thirty years ago but, George and Blair and the rest of Team SignEquip, you have not changed in the way you treat your customers.  You continue to coach us every step of the way for our transition into the digital era.  You have displayed an incredible level of professionalism and patience while helping us make that transition.


Thank you so much Team SignEquip for all that you have done over the years to help make our business a success.  Your help and generosity has always been appreciated and never taken for granted.  Congratulations on your success.




Nicki & Dennis Gustavson
Camsign & Decal Mfg. Ltd.
Camrose AB
May 2013
"...You guys got it right by selling the best products and equipment...More than a few years ago...you helped me through some frustrating times. Technology, equipment, $$, and ideas that frankly scared the crap out of me. Then (your support) took the fear out of the equipment and technology. I learned to count on the hardware and software... The comfort with the equipment and software and your support enables us to say yes to stuff that we’ve never done before and also under some really tight timelines.

...you really need to understand that your business belief of “WE’RE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY” is foundational to many a small organization like ours...we know the support is and always has been available on a email’s or telephone’s notice, we just merrily carry on with no concern as to whether we can get the job done...

We truly thank you all at (SignEquip), for your continued support and being there every step of the way to making our business successful."

Taras and Diana Saruk
Saruk Business Promotions
Myrnam AB
Dec 2012

"Hi there, my name is Phil Goy. I purchased a vinyl cutter from u about a half year ago. …here is my new address to receive the monthly flyer and so on. 

Thanks very much for the outstanding service."

On-Time Signs
Comox B.C

"I have just started a sign business, and after shopping around on the net, I have found the best prices at (SignEquip).  So, I bought a (cutting) plotter.  When my business got bigger, I needed another one.  (SignEquip) took the (original) one back for a very, very good (trade-in) price.  Now I have a plotter that I'm very happy with.

What is also very important to me, that I can call (SignEquip) anytime with the questions I have with the software, or even my other (problems). AND I CALL A LOT!

(SignEquip) is not only a great supplier, they are very nice and PATIENT people, for whom I'm very, very grateful."


Judith Szamosszegi
Holland Landing, ON

"I was a relatively new 1 man shop and getting busy. It was frustrating trying to mount larger pieces of work and either risk a dry mount, or do it with a lot of fluids (what a mess). I was introduced to the Ezy Taper at the 2010 sign convention. I was hooked on what I saw....

...The Ezy Taper® is designed from scratch for the sign industry, that quickly becomes obvious. As far as I have found, anything that will fit between its rollers can be stuck together, or even taken apart (I use it to remove transfer tape from larger applications). I have even passed my down hill skiis through to apply decalling (partly to see if I could). A 4' x 8' signboard simply gets pushed through after alignment, I don't even need to crank the handle.

...Any videos you find on the operation of this unit will only be a fraction of what this machine can do. It was a bit of a learning process when I first started using the unit, but now I would never be without one.

...I now prefer mounting a set of graphics onto a full 4' x 8' sign board sheet, and then cut the sheet up. Prior to the Ezy Taper, I would often need a helper with longer prints. Now, by using a portable in and out feed table, I easily laminate 4' x 8' sign boards (by myself).

I purchased the (Platinum) unit with the deluxe stand, and even the stand is well thought out and has very useful features. These units are new in North America, but long over due."
Darwin Marshall
All Color Signs, Graphics & Decals
The Pas MB Canada

I just wanted to thank you for the great service and product. Having never had a vinyl cutter or any experience, I have (the Rav en CT630) up and working without a problem. It is MUCH BETTER than I expected and I would recommend both the product and YOUR COMPANY to anyone."

Richard Kutz
Waco, Texas

“This (MR Clipart online service) site is just fabulous. Wish it had come sooner. We would have saved money on buying CDs. Sure saves on fumbling through the CDs is right!”

David A. Hanlin
Window Syl Signs
Miniota, MB

"What can I say... 20 minute job takes 2 minutes now! Now we have more time for marketing..I love this (Ezy Taper)! It's one of the BEST investments I ever did! Great idea.

Thank you."

Mike Gedj
Easy Signs Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale FL USA


"Hi - this (Rav en) cutter you sold us works great!  Made quite a transformation in our business because we used to outsource our cutting and being 20 miles out of Saskatoon isn't as handy as now, just going from the shop to the computer room.
Thanks !"
Dundurn, SK

"...my (Rav en) CT630 that I bought through (SignEquip) is still a real workhorse in my shop.

Thanks again,"

Ken Beyer
Signs That Work!

"...it all happened in less than two years. 

As many private organizations, we started out small.  Didn’t know anybody and for the most part, didn’t know anything either.  We’d purchased a small 15” Roland cutter...and really had no idea where we might go with it.  The group we purchased the Roland from really didn’t care either.  We found the product very limited in comparison to the expectations of our small group of customers, but it truly got us started. 

Then...we made a visit to (SignEquip) in Edmonton.  Made what we thought was a big investment; purchasing a 24” Raven cutter.  What a step up!  Blair suggested that he would take it in trade with no loss in investment (within 6 months) if we chose to move a bar or two up.  Blair already knew what we didn’t, that we would have to expand if we were going to stay in the business. 

Almost a year later, we were back on (SignEquip’s) door step.  He was correct; we needed to move up with the available technologies.  Yikes, now we’re into real money.  A Summa DC4sx...All is well; then all of a sudden, a technical problem with both the vinyl and printer cutter occurs.  All can be solved, but we can’t make our deadline.  A frantic call to (SignEquip)....  (They) came through with service excellence.  A trip to Edmonton, a short wait and the contracted signs were printed and later put together for delivery...as planned. 

When you purchase equipment and support products at (SignEquip), you can be assured that they feel the same about your business success as you do and that they will do all in their power to help you through the trying times.  Blair, thanks for seeing, before us, where our business could go, George thanks for helping us build and maintain our quality and timeliness reputation.  Diane and all the others, thanks for allowing us to sit, watch, learn and chat in the back rooms when we had to come in for help. 

We can’t thank you all enough for all the technical and business support and help that you’ve provided to us...

Taras Saruk
Saruk Business Promotions
Myrnam, Alberta

"I was looking for a used (cutting) plotter... just to use in my spare time, when I saw a posting from (SignEquip) for a NEW plotter (Rav en CT630) with software for $995.....I thought too good to be true, but I called them. (They) talked me into trying one and in a week I had it. I was a sign maker for 15 years, and I've owned and used probably a dozen plotters, and for real this is my favorite one. It has an open design so you can slide your film through, making it easier to align. IT CUTS CLEAN AND SMOOTH!!!...And (SignEquip) is the best company in the industry I've ever done business with. Why you ask....

I got the machine... and started moonlighting with it. Well, after about 3 months I was so into vinyl again I decided to start a new sign shop. I rented a place and started getting together everything I would need. I put all my day job money into it (anyone done this before??) I wasn't gonna be a regular shop, but a Store, "the SIGN store, A complete graphics solution".... I have hundreds of stock signs, stock decals, stock neon, and stock banners. It's set up like a retail store but I do custom stuff, too.... Well, I opened on June 2nd and it went great.... real customers on my first day and everything. Well, June 5th a piece of neon from Ebay caught  fire and burned my store out!!! Ok, I'll rebuild. I called (them) to tell them what happened, and that I could use some help, and right away they're sending me out a new plotter...They told me they would do whatever they had to to get me back up. Great guys (and for real the plotter's great....)"

Charles Brandenburg




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