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Ezy Taper® Sign Laminator and Applicator

The revolutionary
Ezy Taper Applicator can't be defined.  It's NOT just another laminator.  It's designed completely differently from ALL the other laminators in the sign and graphics marketplace. 

All other laminators have been modified from the original paper laminator technology.  This 'laminator' was engineered and built from the ground up for the sign and graphics industry.  This is what makes it different. 


"The Ezy Taper is AWESOME product by the way !!! "
Larry Bartsch
Bluewater Apparel & Graphics Saskatoon, SK   March 2017

It Laminates.  It Mounts your prints.  It also Background Coats and applies Transfer Tape (Premask) and Premasked Vinyl Grahics on almost any surface!  That's not all...

What would you learn if you were at a trade show watching an Ezy Taper demo?
Click here to find out...

Ezy Taper is completely manual - the manual crank system ensures control, and the unique engineering makes it exceptionally fast and easy to use (every turn of the handle covers a foot!)  This may seem like a step backward in this hi tech world, but it's actually a stroke of genius.  Check out the videos and most importantly, the Customer Reviews before you make up your mind.

To view this video, Mac users click here to download and install Flip4Mac from the official website.
(The website includes more detailed installation and usage instructions.)

Or Click here to view more Videos, as well as Instructions in .pdf format...

Click here to read Customer Reviews... 

Read the Ezy Taper® Story...

The Rest of the Ezy Taper® Story: Ezy Taper was designed and engineered by a sign fabricator in Australia.  In 2004, it took the Silver Medal at the Geneva Inventors Exhibition, and has since received other awards as well. 


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Ezy Taper is "the ultimate must-have in every sign shop." 
It will make your laminating and mounting jobs easier, give you more control, save enormous amounts of time, eliminate struggle and frustration, and do jobs no ordinary laminator can.  And if your power goes out, you're still in business!!  It will revolutionize your production! 

Click here to view more Videos, as well as Instructions in .pdf format...

Watch the Ezy Taper in the production line with a Summa printer & cutter. (3:17)



Customer Reviews

“We sure do love the machine.

The EZY Taper, by far, has been one of the best investments I have made for my company. This machine works wonders in many ways! I've utilized this machine for transfer tape, laminating, application, and even weeding! YES IT WORKS! I have been extremely happy with this product and will suggest it to anyone in the industry. No more imperfections in your prints anymore once you have the EZY Taper!”

Anthony Leggio
ASL Services Inc.
Surfside Beach SC USA

"What can I say... 20 minute job takes 2 minutes now! Now we have more time for marketing..I love this machine! It's one of the BEST investments I ever did! Great idea.

Thank you."

Mike Gedj
Easy Signs Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale FL USA

"I was a relatively new 1 man shop and getting busy. It was frustrating trying to mount larger pieces of work and either risk a dry mount, or do it with a lot of fluids (what a mess). I was introduced to the Ezy Taper at the 2010 sign convention. I was hooked on what I saw, but couldn't justify a price for a piece of equipment that cost more than a laminator that I could plug in and had lights and a motor and a heater and and and....

Well, I did purchase one and am actually glad I don't have all those components to watch and worry about. Also, without a motor controlling the speed, it is possible to push material through at an incredible rate. The Ezy Taper® is designed from scratch for the sign industry, that quickly becomes obvious. As far as I have found, anything that will fit between its rollers can be stuck together, or even taken apart (I use it to remove transfer tape from larger applications). I have even passed my down hill skiis through to apply decalling (partly to see if I could). A 4' x 8' signboard simply gets pushed through after alignment, I don't even need to crank the handle.

The biggest need to be successful with this machine is imagination. The unit is rock solid, but incredibly easy to move once you unlock the 4 wheel locks. Any videos you find on the operation of this unit will only be a fraction of what this machine can do. It was a bit of a learning process when I first started using the unit, but now I would never be without one.

When I purchased the Ezy Taper®, I was printing with a Gerber Edge (11.8" print width) and also had a 64" cutter. Since then, the Ezy Taper® gave me the confidence to purchase a 54" printer. I now prefer mounting a set of graphics onto a full 4' x 8' sign board sheet, and then cut the sheet up. Prior to the Ezy Taper, I would often need a helper with longer prints. Now, by using a portable in and out feed table, I easily laminate 4' x 8' sign boards.

I purchased the most deluxe unit with the deluxe stand, and even the stand is well thought out and has very useful features. These units are new in North America, but long over due."
Darwin Marshall
All Color Signs, Graphics & Decals
The Pas MB Canada


"We purchased our first ezy taper® about 3 years ago in an attempt to combat low production levels due to lack of staff availability. Seeing the dramatic difference in the amount of work produced by a sole operator we made the ezy taper® a mandatory piece of equipment when setting up our second site. Congratulations guys on a simple to use and very effective piece of equipment.."

Adam Levot
AA Signs and Designs (AUS) Pty Ltd

"We were really small when we acquired our Ezy-Taper® but the machine has really helped us to grow. App-taping and mounting boards only take a few minutes and are an easy 1 person job now...This has easily been one of the best machines we have purchased.."

Jamie Xuereb
Mediapoint Pty Ltd
Sunshine West VIC Australia


"With our Ezy Tape®r, the key words are “efficiencies” and “reliability” !! We can ensure efficiencies within our work place, with the speed and accuracy of the Ezy Taper®, which far exceed our earlier methods of manual application. We also develop workplace efficiencies with the ability to very quickly train staff and therefore increase production. We can rely on Ezy Taper® to perform to the same high level of performance on a variety of substrates with incredible ease...If efficiency, reliability, competent performance and increased production are relevant to your signage business, the Ezy Tape®r is definitely the right tool for you.
We certainly like ours!! .."

Exotech Grafx Solutions
Beaconsfield VIC Australia

"The Ezy Taper® has made our company heaps more efficient in so many ways. We can now apply application tape to our vinyl’s so mach faster with no hassles and even at 1200mm wide it is a 1 person exercise. We used to spend an 8 hour day applying double-sided tape and vinyl lube to approximately 50 small signs … now we can put the same amount through the Ezy Taper® in less than 20 minutes DRY! We also save so much time by using the Ezy Taper® to apply vinyl to our substrates from sign white through to 10mm Perspex, laminating vinyl’s directly onto the substrate is a breeze. Thank you for a great product..."

Pitt and Co (Aust) Pty Ltd
Maryborough QLD Australia

"A short note of thanks for...introducing me to the Ezy Taper® – the absolute greatest time saver to vinyl and format printed signage application I have seen...You and your staff have a great innovative product that should be an essential part of all sign shops and service second to none. Thanks and best wishes. .."

Phill Smith
Ski Rides Sign Shop

"Congratulations to you...on producing such an amazing machine. We have had our Ezy Taper® for almost three years and are thrilled with its time saving capabilities..."

Peter and Cathy
Bowral Signs
Mittagong NSW Australia

Click here to view more videos and Instructions in .pdf format...

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