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Sheldon & Carole - The Sequel

Working Smarter, Not Harder - With Bigger and Better:
Sheldon and Carole Discuss the New Summa DC5

Sheldon pushed open the door, and entered the Starbucks down the street from his flourishing sign shop.  He seemed to have plenty of time to stop and smell the coffee these days - in fact, he even had time to drink it.  It's not that business was slow; quite the contrary, he was enjoying the busiest boom of his five-year entrepreneurial history.

He took a few steps into the busy cafe to join the line-up at the counter.  It was then that he noticed Carole, his friendly competitor, just a couple of people ahead of him in the queue.  There was a time he would have gone to great lengths to avoid her, but recently Sheldon and Carole had become fast friends. 

Her back was to him, so he called out to get her attention, "Hey, Carole!"

Carole spun around to see who had called her name, "Oh, hey there, Sheldon!"  She had her usual big smile on her face, "How's it going?"

"Really great!  Are you in a hurry to get back to work, or do you have a few minutes to sit and visit?" Sheldon asked.

Carole grinned.  It wasn't so long ago that Sheldon wouldn't have had the time of day for her, or anyone else for that matter.  He had always seemed to be running behind, and was always in a rush to get back to work, to sort out all his problems.  Not to mention the foul mood he used to wear like a shroud.

"For you I can spare time.  It'll be good to relax for a few minutes," Carole answered.  "What are you drinking today?"

"I'll just have a cup of whatever decaf they have brewing." Sheldon had cut back on the caffeine that used to sustain him throughout his long, arduous working day.  He stepped forward to join Carole at the counter.

They took their beverages over to a low table, and plopped themselves down on a small sofa. 

"So," Carole began, while blowing to cool her coffee.  "How are you enjoying working with your new Summa DC5?"

"Wow!  I can't thank you enough for the recommendation.  Will it sound cheesy if I say it's changed my life?!" Sheldon took a couple tentative sips of the hot brew.

Carole laughed.  "Thousands might think you've lost your marbles, but I totally get it.  I take it you're no longer regularly working half the night, and then coming back early to boot?  The decaf was a dead give-away!" she laughed some more.

"Believe it or not, I have some semblance of a life now.  Just like you told me, the DC5 is so automated I can put it to work, while I take time off!  I even have tickets to the hockey game tonight," Sheldon smiled, "It's weird how I've got so much more time to myself, even though I've got more orders than ever.  What else is good is that I'm actually making money since I bought the DC5.  I even gave myself a raise - that's how I managed the hockey tickets."

"It's amazing how much time you can save when you don't have to wait around to dry your inkjet prints, right?" Carole teased.

"Or when you don't have to worry about laminating," Sheldon interjected, "Especially when you don't have to start over a dozen times because of laminating screw-ups!  I can't believe how much time and material I wasted doing that!  I'm not only saving time; I'm saving money, too, and I'm using my extra time to focus on my marketing.

"You know, I'm still in awe of the fact that the DC5 lets me know when it runs out of a colour.  And I don't have to start over when that happens!  Imagine, just pop in another cartridge, and off it goes, as if it had never been interrupted!  More time and money saved!" Sheldon spouted enthusiastically. 

"But I bet you really miss purging and cleaning your old inkjet?" Carole winked.

Sheldon made a face at her.  Purging and cleaning was definitely a thing of the past.

Carole chuckled.  "Yeah, well it's been some time since I had to worry about all those problems.  My favourite thing about my new DC5, aside from the fact that it prints up to 50" on 54" media, is the five optional media widths.  That's another money-saver!  I can also use 20", 24", 30", or 48" material, if that's all that's needed.  There's a lot less waste.

You know, I'm producing more jobs than ever now that I'm not afraid to solicit the bigger projects.  Business is great!  I'm almost sorry I let my DC4 go.  My supplier sold it for me, and it helped to pay for the DC5, but I think I'm going to want a second printer soon.  That's the next bridge to cross.  Can't complain about that little problem, though!" she smiled again.

"Well," Sheldon smirked, "I suppose we two busy entrepreneurs should get our butts back to our businesses, or there'll be a lot of disappointed customers out there!  We're both getting such incredible reputations for our amazing work."

"Hey, maybe we should pool our resources and go into business together, since we're both in such high demand!" Carole joked.

Sheldon stopped dead in his tracks.  Strangely that didn't sound so crazy.  In fact, he almost said as much.

Instead, he said, "By the way, what are you doing tonight?  I've got two tickets for the game, and one is still up for grabs.  How'd you like to join me - my treat?"

Carole paused before looking him straight in the eyes, nodded, then gave him a big hug.  It seems there might be more than coffee brewing here....

The Summa DC5 Series of printers may or may not improve your love life, but it is guaranteed to do wonders for your business.  Be a Sheldon or a Carole.  Call SignEquip to order your DC5 or DC5sx now.
(You can even request an email copy of the previous Sheldon and Carole story.)

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