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"Are You Happy With the Service You're Getting from Your Sign Equipment Supplier?" - Continued

Realize that the equipment itself is not the only thing you’re purchasing; just as important is the knowledge and experience of the supplier. Most important, by a long shot, is the service they're prepared to provide to you and your business. 

Your business is not about a piece of equipment. Your business is about marketing – the process by which you offer your product and service to your potential clients. When you think about it, isn’t it worth your while to find a supplier who will be willing to assist you in reaching your goals? You might even like a supplier who can help you to further your vision for your business. Your supplier should be an integral part of your sign business team. You should consider your supplier to be one of your best friends. If you can’t say this about the supplier you’re considering, or heaven forbid, about the one you’ve been dealing with for years, then it’s time to change the way you choose your supplier.

Ask the following 14 questions when choosing a supplier for your next purchase:

  1. Do they seem dedicated to helping you, or are they only interested in taking your money?

  2. If they’re selling on the internet will they also take your phone call and speak to you personally?

  3. Are they quick to answer your emails and/or faxes?

  4. Will they send you samples produced on the equipment you’re considering purchasing?

  5. Do they have a showroom, and are they willing to schedule demonstrations there?

  6. Do they do installations of the bigger, pricier machines?

  7. Do they do on-site service and repairs of the larger equipment?

  8. Are they upfront about any training which might be necessary, and are they willing and able to provide it?

  9. If training is required, what is the extra charge?

  10. What is their policy concerning exchanges or upgrades if the equipment you’ve purchased doesn’t meet your needs or expectations?

  11. Do they have their own service depot?

  12. What is the expected turn-around time for equipment sent in for service or repairs?

  13. If your equipment is going to be tied up for repairs for any length of time, how will they help you overcome downtime?

  14. Is telephone tech support always available?

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, and always expect the answer you're looking for. If they are not willing to accommodate your expectations, they may not be a suitable member for your team.

At SignEquip we strive to satisfy all of our customer’s needs. It is our intention for our customers to be our friends. Not only is it much more mutually satisfying when this energy is present, but it also inspires mutual success. In the spirit of friendship we like to see our friends succeed.  We want to help your business grow - there's absolutely no other reason for us to be here.  If there is anything we can do under the auspices of our business, to encourage the growth of your business, we will happily do it.

Business at SignEquip is all about the service. What we sell are sign equipment, supplies, and accessories. What makes us happiest is helping our clients' businesses to flourish and grow. Products are seldom perfect. All too often they present challenges. What we do after a customer purchases a product from us is more important than the sale of the product itself. We realize that in order for our clients to succeed you need our ongoing support.

We’re always as close as the phone. We enjoy answering your questions and helping you solve your problems over the phone. We don’t have an electronic operator; a staff member always answers the phone, unless of course, all our lines are busy. In this case you will get our voice mail box, but we do our very best to answer your messages in a timely manner. We understand that you need answers NOW. If for some reason we don’t immediately know the answer to your question, we’ll do our best to find it for you.

We also answer our emails and faxes as soon as is humanly possible. However, because we like to answer the phone, you are more likely to avoid a lengthy electronic queue by simply giving us a call.

SignEquip has an actual brick and mortar location where we are pleased to schedule product demonstrations for your edification. We love it when our clients, a.k.a. our friends, drop by just to chat. Obviously, since we do business world-wide, this isn’t possible for everyone, but if you happen to be in the neighbourhood, please drop in and say hello.

Even if you can’t come by for a demo, if you want samples we’ll get you samples. Our technical and client service staff will gladly produce the samples you request on any equipment in our showroom. If the machine you’re considering is not on our floor at the time, we’ll do our best to get samples to you one way or the other.

We don’t just crate up and ship out the larger, more electronically complicated equipment to be dumped at your door, and leave you wondering what to do next. Whenever necessary, SignEquip's technical experts offer free basic training at our depot. Sometimes we'll even install the the bigger equipment on your site.  We realize that expert set-up is necessary for optimum operation of high tech equipment. After you've completed the training, you’re still not alone. Phone, email, or fax us with your questions. Utilizing the phone or internet, we can help you run through the procedures as often as it takes.

When it comes to smaller, more common equipment, for instance some vinyl cutters, we are always available by phone or internet to help you set up and start operating. If you are able, we appreciate having you drop by for a free basic training session on your equipment. Either way, we make sure things are running smoothly for you. As many calls as it takes, we expect to hear from you until you are comfortable with your purchase, and it’s making money for you.

Our technicians are trained to service the equipment we sell.  If you have a larger machine, we will normally send a technician to your site to service and repair it.  One way or the other, we’ll take care of you to make sure you’re up and running as soon as possible.

We believe that a customer’s purchase should be a low-risk investment. Many of our products have a 30-day money-back guarantee, or a fair trade-up exchange value. Other situations are evaluated on a per case basis. We realize one shoe does not fit all. If you’re not absolutely thrilled with your purchase from SignEquip, we’ll always work with you to change the situation. This may mean further training, or sending someone out to trouble-shoot and rectify the problem. Occasionally, depending on the time you've owned the product, it means a full or partial refund, in order to provide you with a more suitable product. Whatever it takes to make you a winner, we’ll do our best.

We do have a service depot on our premises for repairing cutters and smaller equipment. We can usually get the job done within 48 hours. We know your time is valuable, and downtime is not helpful to your business. While we do emphasize that back-up equipment is an important insurance policy for your business, we do understand that in certain situations, such as brand new businesses, this may not be feasible. In some cases, when a lengthy service time is indicated, on a product with a current warranty contract which has been purchased from SignEquip, we will authorize a suitable equipment substitute on loan until the repair has been completed.

As previously mentioned, we’re always as close as your phone. Real people answer our phones, and real people are happy to help you solve your challenges. We have a toll-free number, and our tech support is second to none. If the product you’ve purchased from us is still under warranty, we’ll answer your questions and help you get it working as often as necessary, at NO EXTRA CHARGE. If the warranty is expired, and a lengthy call is required to solve the situation, you will be advised whether charges will be levied.

If you like the answers we’ve given to your questions, please consider letting SignEquip join your sign business team. If you’d like more answers, please contact us and ask away! You deserve a supplier who has the answers you’re expecting. If we fulfill your expectations, we’d be thrilled to be your supplier. What can we do for you? Get in touch with us now, and let us know. Happy sign making!

- By T. Raven with Blair Corbin



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