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December already! Where has the year gone? I do know one thing. Itís been a busy year. And itís been an exciting year. Goals were set, and goals were exceeded! Thereís lots to be thankful for. Changes have been made, and more are in the works.

Thatís the tough part, making changes. Human nature tends to resist change, but we know how necessary it is in all facets of life, and business is no different. If one resists change, one does not move forward. We are particularly aware that in business itís the innovators who succeed. Staying stuck in the mold gets you exactly that - stuck! - in one place, going nowhere. I recommend you come unglued! I mean, Iíve been unglued for years, and look where itís gotten me. Okay, perhaps weíd be better off to choose another example, but hopefully you get my drift.

Speaking of which, drifts that is, it looks like we might soon have some of those in these parts. Thereís one thing you can usually be guaranteed in the Great White North, and itís that winter will bring snowdrifts sooner or later. Which brings me to what my mind is doing today. Thatís right - drifting! I prefer to call it flowing, but I will grant that today the flow is a little erratic. Iím quite sure though Iím headed somewhere. A little patience and hopefully the point of this will reveal itself.

If you persevere and follow along, Iíll attempt to make a case for why change is important. It might all boil down to another basic characteristic of human nature, and thatís boredom. Itís completely ironic that while we resist change we also have the tendency to become easily bored. Nevertheless, itís true. One only has to look at any consumer-based industry. Youíll notice that people are never satisfied for long with their choices, and are inclined to discard and rebuy long before the life of the product has expired. Retail counts on this. You might argue that designers/ manufacturers have created this voracious monster. Yes, they have had a hand in it, but in my opinion theyíve only taken advantage of a gene that is already there. I donít promote preying on prospective clients, but if you want to learn about marketing, make a study of the consumer/retail industry.

Rantiní and Raven
Strangely enough, itís been my experience thereís at least one industry that is the champion of resistance as far as buying the latest product is concerned. You bet, Iím talking about our industry, the sign industry. For the most part, I get the reluctance. However, my feathers are always ruffled when the same person who owns the latest model, fully loaded truck or SUV, canít reconcile their mind to purchase the latest equipment which will boost production and profits in their business. I may be the bird brain here, but I see that big, new truck as a huge liability. Itís a gorgeous, convenient money gobbler, and thatís the bottom line. Conversely, the newer, better equipment and software is an investment, which unlike putting your money in the bank these days, if you play your cards right, will net you more coin than you started with. I can even make a case for borrowing funds to make this type of investment. All things said and done, you should still come out ahead. I mean, isnít that the point of being in business in the first place?

Change - usually a positive thing. Whether or not one is comfortable with change, itís worth stepping outside the comfort zone to see where it might take you. One thing is almost certain - you wonít be bored. And while youíre challenging yourself youíll be growing yourself. How good is that? Who of us wants our epitaph to read the same as our birth announcement? It would hardly be worth the price we pay for our journey on this earth. Make some bold changes and youíll have a more interesting story to tell - one filled with adventure and daring. Instead of a whiny melodrama, youíll be creating your very own smash box office hit. Now, thatís an epitaph to be proud of!

Enough about epitaphs! This is the season to be jolly! Itís the season to celebrate life and focus on another, as well as yourself - peace on earth and good will toward all people - that sort of thing. Itís a really good thing we have rituals and traditions that remind us to do this every so often. Iíve noticed that when I get caught up in busyness I become very unconscious in my relationships with others. The paradox of the holiday season however, is that thereís danger in recreating the same scenario here. We often tend to create such a demanding preparation schedule that we fall into the same old trap.

Ice Sculpture
This brings me around to the subject of balance. Hereís where I get off my pedestal. I could lecture for countless hours on the healthy virtues of balance, but sadly I havenít quite figured out how to achieve it - yet. My conditioning is sticking really fast, and I havenít managed to tear myself away from it for any length of time. Itís not for lack of education, thatís for sure. I continue to pay homage to any source of enlightenment that might produce an actual paradigm shift for me, but while the shift in my intellect is permanent, my ego continues to cling to the familiar. Shred by shred Iím whittling away at it, but itís a tough nut to crack. Still, Iím determined to make this healthy change,,,one day.

This year Iíd like to encourage each and every one, myself included, to relax the obsessive busyness and observe the holidays with Christ-like intention. Take time to listen to another, not just with your ears, but with your heart. Reach out and help where help is needed. Focus on peace and invite it into your own life.

Sleigh Ride

To all our friends and to those whose acquaintance weíve yet to make have a peaceful and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and to one and all we wish you a happy, prosperous New Year.

Our heart is with your business,

Team SignEquip



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